Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's finally here!

After a lot of talking, I finally got my food blog up and running! Through this blog I hope to share great recipes, great restaurants, etc. - basically anything that has to do with food and fun! Please feel free to comment on and/or follow what's going on here.

I spent a day recently going through all the recipes I have ripped out of magazines and other random places and found out that I have more than I could ever even try to cook. Because of all these recipes I have set a goal of making at least one new recipe a week. I will share them here, rate them on various aspects, and hope that maybe one of them will inspire readers of my blog to try something new.

Thanks for checking the blog! Come back soon! :)


  1. Yay Sweech! Nice work; great start!

    Love, Dad

  2. This site is awesome! You did such a fantastic job, I love all the pictures--they make me hungry! Now I am going to have to test some out on the boys.

  3. As of december 15th, we will have our own restaurant. I will have to take you and hopefully you can add it to your list of favorites. So make time for lunch or dinner with me over your x-mas break : )
    The recipe I most look forward to trying is the baked penne and sun-dries tomatoes.